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Largest Iceberg Break Up Ever Filmed


Continuing in our ‘Manners of the British’ series a quick lesson in what to do if greeted by a pack of peckish natives in Papua New Guinea.

via the good ship reddit

The Sound of Ice Cracking on Sardine Lake

Lava Poured Onto Ice

To investigate what happens when lava flows onto ice researchers from Syracuse University did just that. Expectedly the result was ‘it does cool stuff’.

Lava Pour No. 5 from robert wysocki on Vimeo.

Bergy Bits and Growlers

Small icebergs rising between one and four metres out of the water are known as ‘bergy bits’.

Smaller than this they are known as ‘Growlers’ as sometimes when air bubbles escape from them they make a noise not unlike an animal growling.

Iceberg Tsunami


Iceberg flips over

An iceberg is calved by Argentina’s Uppsala glacier.

The currents of the ocean via NASA

Sinkhole swallows Chinese teenager

Sounds of a frozen sea. Odessa, Ukraine.