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Big Boulder Rolls in Front of Car

Needle Ice? on Medicine Lake

‘Needle ice’ is formed when water is pulled into cold air by capillary action. Here at Medicine Lake something similar seems to be happening as a thin sheet of ice is pushed up against the shore in cold weather.

Here it is happening on a larger scale;

Anyone got any better suggestions?

via Reddit

Fireball caught on camera

Wait for it…

The Sound of Ice Cracking on Sardine Lake

Iceberg Tsunami


Mammatus Clouds

Mammatus clouds are so called due to their resemblance to boobage. Just one of the reasons that we at The Proceedings think they’re brilliant.

Photo by Steve –

Photo by Daveybot –

World’s Smallest Storm Chaser

The film, Stormchaser: The Butterfly and the Tornado, we made with True North about a remarkable young lady from the UK premieres in the US tomorrow evening. Despite its less lyrical title, not to mention the diminished debonair / manly / sophisticated / suave / urbane / macho voice over we are pretty damn sure it will still be a corking film.

Growing snowflakes in the lab

Caltech professor of physics Kenneth Libbrecht studies crystalline growth of ice particles… put another way he grows snowflakes in the lab.

Walking upside down under ice

Walking upside down under the ice of Lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland

‘Brinicle’… icicle of death