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The Sky in Billions of years

As we race towards the Andromeda Galaxy our night sky will change over coming millennia. This might have a bit bearing on your horoscope in the next few billion years, if you believe in that bobbins… I know I don’t… but then again I’m a skeptical soul, that’s me… typical Aquarius.

Inexplicable Russian Drunk-Pig Gun Experiment

Growing snowflakes in the lab

Caltech professor of physics Kenneth Libbrecht studies crystalline growth of ice particles… put another way he grows snowflakes in the lab.

Quantum levitation toy car race

We greatly enjoyed the previous video on quantum levitation… so here’s another.

Quantum Levitation

Sodium in lake

The disposal of tonnes of surplus sodium into a lake in 1947 by the War Assets Administration.

Tim Minchin’s ode to homeopathy

Just genius…


Skyscrapers swaying in Japan quake


Ferrofluid sculpture

Ferrofluids are magnetic fluids composed of an iron ore and a liquid for it to slosh around in, they have many practical applications not least looking awesome when they have a magnetic field passed through them.

Living severed dog head

Not one for the faint of heart this one! Russian experiments keeping organs and dogs heads alive sans body.

Organs at 01:00 and the rather gruesome dog heads at 02:30 at 4:30 they kill a dog and bring it back to life…

NB As an animal lover this is all pretty tough going… you have been warned!