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Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s Last Words

Remarkable wordsmith, king of the twist-in-the-tale, not to mention all-round good egg Roald Dahl undoubtedly spent a little time in crafting his final words. He thoughtfully reassured his family that he wasn’t afraid, his only regret being “… just that I will miss you all so much…” as he drifted into unconsciousness. At that the nurse gave him a final dose of morphine, the jab being just enough to shock him back into this world. “Ow Fuck!” he finally proclaimed.

Execution by Elephant

Elephants have long been used as a executioners. They were ideal for the gruesome job due to their ability to be trained, indeed they could even be taught in what manner they should execute; kill fast by crushing or to slowly torture the prisoner. Weighing the same as a couple of cars and having the ability to push trees over with their heads was also said to not have done any harm in pushing their CV to the top of the pile. via the bloody brilliant Wikipedia