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Universe by Kroitor and Low

Quite simply breathtaking. ‘Universe’ by Kroitor and Low combines impeccable film-making with scientific wonder. One the films makers Roman Kroitor went on to found the IMAX system of film-making. While the film is cited as a major inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ its maker is cited as the origin of one of science fiction’s most memorable concepts. During a conversation between Kroitor and Warren S. McCulloch the film-maker argued against the concept of living things simply being highly complex machines; ‘Many people feel that in the contemplation of nature and in communication with other living things, they become aware of some kind of force, or something, behind this apparent mask which we see in front of us, and they call it God.’ As George Lucas confirmed the inspiration for ‘The Force’ in Star Wars can be put down to this simple line by Roman Kroitor.

Newton’s eye and the needle

Isaac Newton was a relentlessly curious and rather odd individual… not least as he is famous for discovering something that was always there and helping us to understand something we still don’t understand. While his countless theorems have helped us shape an understanding of the lovely place we live, some of his other experiments are a tad more unusual. A fine example being the time he shoved a large bodkin needle into his eye socket and eased it behind his peeper to see what effect it would have. Apparently it causes one to see colourful concentric circles, and to use some pretty colourful language too one would warrant.