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Bees as house pets

The Mayan stingless bees of South America have been kept for centuries as house pets. Melipona beecheii and M. yucatanica are kept in log hives inside the house, presumably as a bee without all that stinging nonsense makes a cute fuzzy friend for the kids. By taking the bees honey and mixing it with a variety of botanicals it is possible to make an alcoholic drink. Indeed by moving the hive next to the psychoactive Turbina corymbosa plant it’s possible to get an added hallucinatory hit. The traditional method of preparing the beverage is in a canoe… which must make it a hell of a party.

Kangaroos do not fart

Kangaroos are remarkably un-flatulant beings; their bottom burps do not contain stinky methane. Not only is this good news for anyone nearby it may also be good news for the entire planet. It may well be that the organisms that help breakdown the food in the gut of the ‘roo may be introduced to livestock hence reducing their greenhouse gas guffs. .