The Proceedings of the Ever so Strange is a collection of anecdotes from a particularly reprehensible medley of erstwhile academics, adventurers, raconteurs and bon vivants.

The University was founded by Sir Pilkington-Smythe author of The Ever so Strange Animal Almanac and the subsequent tomes A Beastly Menagerie (US) and The Weird Animal Almanac (elsewhere).

Danny Beck helps Sir P-S with his bags and the big words.

Together they scour some of the less salubrious corners of the planet; from the deepest darkest jungles to the oddest of odditoriums, to bring you a cacophany of curiousities.



  1. Caitlin Al-Ansari says

    Hello, I came across your site and just love it! It’s an absolute treat! I read the article on Butterflies and I was wondering who is the artist that did the illustration of the butterflies and caterpillars? I would love to purchase a print. Thanks ever so much, Caitlin

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