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Niels Bohr had the best utilities company in the World… probably

In 1922 Niels Bohr received the Nobel prize for his work on sussing out the structure of atoms. For his outright brilliance he was given a house next door to the Carlsberg brewing company, and had a pipeline running from the brewery into the house so that he could have a never-ending supply of fresh beer on tap. Quite right too.


  1. You Can't Verify IT says

    Link us to where did you get this information from ?

  2. At efter J.C. Jacobsens død blev hans hus i Valby gratis udlånt af Carlsberg til fremtrædende forskere? Niels Bohr er den videnskabsmand, der har boet der længst. Alle boede naturligvis gratis – og med fri øl. Boligen bebos ikke i dag, men stilles fortsat til gratis rådighed for videnskabelige møder.

    The following J.C. Jacobsen’s death, his house in Valby free courtesy of Carlsberg to eminent scientists? Niels Bohr, the scientist who has lived there the longest. All lived naturally free – and with free beer. The house is inhabited not today, but made ​​continued for free available for scientific meetings.

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