Cyborg dog in russian textbook

Over at boingboing they’ve unearthed a mysterious Russian text book containing plans for building a Collie dog cyborg robot thingy…

Original source: Hotshkin

  1. Even crazier, it’s someone’s drafts for some “automate/apparatus for life support”; I’ve heard somewhere [on the internet, hah] that in the late 19th century/early 20th there were some attempts at grandiose scientific undertakings for life saving and brain transplants and whatever, in Russia. Actually, there’s a good sci-fi novel (and good film) by Bulgakov where a brain of a [drunk/low-life] human is transplanted into a dog and the dog becomes like a human (with plenty of sarcastic social caricature while we’re at it) – called “Dog’s Heart/Sobachiye Serdtse”, I’d recommend checking it out.

  2. Don’t hate old boy!
    The credit wasn’t on the article I saw, I’ve added it to the post now…

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