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Pearlfish eh? How delightful! What resplendent be-jewelled creature is worthy of such grandeur? It must laze away its days in some palatial pied a terre! What? It… lives… in… the… anus… of… a…? Sounds rather uncomfortable.

Meet the rather intrusive pearlfish; a number of species of slender eel-like fish found in the tropical oceans. The largest pearlfish is some fifty centimetres long and is said to be the most unpopular. Indeed these rather impertinent fish may explain why the sea pigs are so hard to get a telegram to. Gaaah…. we’ll have to get around to telling you at some point… yes the pearl fish lives in the arse of the sea cucumbers.

Anal penetration begins at circa 6 minutes… we can only assume the oooh’s and aaah’s are coming from the fellow operating the camera.

Thankfully most pearlfish aren’t much bother for the sea cucumber, though there must be some degree of discomfort. Though there is one species that feels living in some poor buggers trunk isn’t enough of an uncoothness and proceeds to luncheon on their genitalia.

Source: Unknown

Not content with simply living in unmentionables, the pearlfish has evolved its own anus to become as close as possible to its head. It may seem rather silly to have all that goings on near to where you dine, but it means that the pearl fish only has to poke the front half of his body out of the sea cucumbers bits to get rid of his business. Of course it must have taken some time for this unwanted house guest to evolve a bum hole up to where his tie should be, which can only mean one thing. The pearl fish has been living in sea cucumbers bottoms for quite a while, which can’t be any comfort to the sea cucumber.

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  1. Allicat says

    Ok, so this article brings up more questions than it answers…

    Since a sea cuke’s usual defense involves shooting something out of its anus (either sticky stuff or it’s guts) where does this leave the Pearlfish? Is it booted out too? And what about the cukes that also shoot out poison? Is the Pearlfish immune? Or does it know not to inhabit that type of cucumber?

  2. admin says

    There are many thousands of different species of holotheria and only a handful of pearlfish. Perhaps there are papers on the questions you seek, we’d warrant that there isn’t. If you are interested in finding out these things may we recommend a career in marine biology, you could even specialise in holotherian proctology… we’re sure it’d be a marvellous!

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  4. Hasan Haameem says

    dosent this perlfish gets bigger than that,
    i heard this pearl fish in sea cucumber is known to be grow in to a fifty feet big fish..i would like to know more about this fish.
    i do some private reseach on my own about these rare marine lifes.

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